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Company Profile & Activities

Company Profile & Activities

Swystem Logic GmbH is in the business of promoting manufacturing efficiency. We offer our services in the Animal By-product Industries of Abattoirs and Meat, Raw Hides and Wet-Blue, and in Leather Manufacture - from Raw Hides to Dyed Crust and Finishing. Our Aim is to help manufacturers make top quality products, meet environmental targets and to cut costs by eliminating waste, by the use of proven, modern concepts of process control.

Business originated in a famously difficult industry to control: making leather from hides and skins. The basic raw material does not even have a systematic shape, quality or thickness! Random variables in processing hit every step of the process. There are 50 to 100 processing steps, and  each step has hundreds of Control Points.

Traditionally, such manufacturing relies on sorting and grading at the end of the process to ensure that the Clients will receive material which conforms to some extent with their expectations of quality. This is unacceptable for modern Quality Assurance (e.g. ISO9000), so systems were developed to ensure that process parameters conformed for every step of manufacturing.  These systems rely on 'Distributed Networked PLC-SCADA Control' which monitors and automatically adjusts the main process parameters, for every step of the process. Not only monitors, but records the actual process conditions, compares them with the expected or specified conditions, and stores the data in a 'History log' for future reference. The SCADA even offers on on-line real-time 'Visualization' of the manufacturing process as it occurs; the History Log offers the same as if time had been run back to the moments when an earlier production had been run. This offers enormous benefits in trouble-shooting chemical or assembly processing, and in solving problematic equipment situations.  It is essential in automatically preparing essential Reports for the QA, so that the range of quality deviation has been dramatically cut, and the economics of production vastly improved.

Our work today is not confined to the Leather Industry, even if it is the one we have been closest to for several decades. Yet we firmly believe that our experiences can benefit  many different manufacturers, using batch processes, and also continuous flow manufacture. 

John Crowther looks forward to studying the opportunities presented in your own processes, which may extend to industries such as component assembly on conveyor belts, chemical processes, thermal and hydro power generation, oil and gas pipe-line distribution, textiles and paper and other process industries, including food processing, meat and animal co-products. Partners, with whom we work, even use these principles to control the comfort level of the air in modern buildings, and even protect valuable art-work in museums. You'll be glad you contacted us for insights gained from world-wide experience.

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Inscribe Document & Translating Services was set up to meet a need perceived in the multi-language environment of our home-base in Switzerland.

We regularly deal with people who expect a business partner to speak at least two or three languages (German, French and Italian, as well as one of the five dialects of Rumontsch) or maybe more. As most visitors will confirm, the use of spoken English in this country is surprisingly wide-spread, in business and the services, and is not limited to the tourist trade!

And important Swiss markets are also in English-speaking countries, not only UK and USA of course, but also in Asia, Africa, and the Pacific Rim - including Australia and New Zealand.

Although our friends and colleagues speak extremely competent English, we noticed that errors in translated business documents do not always convey the quality-image that Swiss Companies expect. Sometimes the errors are just confusing, sometimes the unintended humour distracts from the message. We started to get calls for help. And that led to setting up our Translation Services.

Although we concentrate on the language group of Switzerland, we also include Spanish (we spent 4 years in Latin America, and have had extensive business contacts in Spain).

Document proof-reading and editing the English-language translation to present a business-like, accurate and elegant phrasing can also be carried out on text which has already been roughly translated (even machine translations) from other languages. We have, for example worked with a Client in Czech Republic, to produce Computer Help Files, and User Manuals for software to be marketed in USA.

In all of our work, the principal goal is not a word-for-word match of your original, but rather to ensure that the sense of the original text is faithfully represented in the final 'polished' document. In order to achieve this, we recommend periodic contact and consultations  throughout the translation and editing/proof-reading/polishing process. Personal contact, by eMail, phone or by visiting your offices are the best way to ensure that the end-result will be a document to widen your markets, to convince new customers, to reassure shareholders, to represent your professional competence the next time you decide on a career change.

Diana Crowther is pleased to prepare an estimate of the cost of the work involved, if you will send a representative extract of your work. Please Click on the Link below, or the Photo above, to visit the Inscribe Pages and to see the full details.

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