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Editing of Documents already in English / Editing of computer- generated translations.

This is Proof-reading Plus.  In addition to the screening carried out during proof-reading, a more detailed review may be requested.  This will involve an assessment/appraisal of content to establish whether the structure of a piece has been optimized, to assess word use and to correct any wordiness or faulty construction. In addition, the client may choose to consult with Inscribe by phone, eMail or fax to "massage" the document to achieve maximum impact.  This can be a major advantage in respect of web scripts, advertising copy, press releases, and C.V.s.

The client may invite Inscribe to consult on site.  Travel costs to be born by the client.

 Price Guidelines: Editing and Polishing of English Documents:

                                                    S.Fr. 80.00 - 90.00 per hour

Computer Generated Translations/Audio -

We are also able to edit computer generated translations and to transcribe audio material.

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