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We understand that you need a quick and simple way of working out what using this service will cost you.  However, each document is unique and will require individual treatment. We can provide a simple rule of thumb for translations and a guideline for proof-reading and editing, which will give you an approximate quote – for an exact quote we will need to see the document.

Guideline Table:



Cost/ Line





S.Fr. 2.50 – 4.50

3 – 4






S.Fr. 60.00 - 80.00




2 – 3

S.Fr. 80.00 - 90.00


Editing Computer Translation


2 – 3

S.Fr. 60.00 - 80.00





S.Fr. 60.00 - 80.00

A.  Direct Translation German to English:

                                                        S.Fr. 2.50 - 4.50 / line

 A line is calculated in accordance with your Word Processor’s “Word Count” function.  The given number of words in the document is divided by 11 – the average number of words per line – to give a fair average number of lines, rather than the number of lines given by the Word function (which includes part lines in the calculation). Spaces between characters are not counted.

B. Proof-reading/Editing/Transcriptions of English language documents:                                     S.Fr.  60.00 - 80.00 per hour 

Pricing depends on content but normally a document can be reviewed at the rate of two to three pages per hour.

An English language document, usually a raw translation, is carefully checked out for errors of spelling, word use, grammar and punctuation. Awkward phrasing is corrected.

C.  Editing and Polishing of English language documents:                                                                  S.Fr. 80.00 - 90.00 per hour

An English language document is critically evaluated to achieve maximum impact.  Stress is laid upon elegant language and precise and appropriate vocabulary. Sentence construction is examined and construction of the document appraised; and word order will probably change considerably. Advertising and promotional materials, commercial and management documents are treated with particular regard to original meaning and intention.   There will be liaison between Inscribe and the client until the client is completely satisfied that the maximum “bang for the buck” has been achieved.  

D. Editing a computer generated translation: S.Fr. 60.00 -                                                                              80.00 per hour

Computer generated translations can provide a quick and easy method of seeing what a document might look like in English.  Unfortunately such translations are fundamentally unreliable.  We will review the original document, and the translation, and make sure that the English document accurately reflects the original.  Editing will ensure that the language of the end result is correct.

E. Transcribing English Audio : S.Fr. 60.00 - 80.00 per hour

Conversion/ adaptation of recordings of meetings, seminars, speeches etc. into hard copy.


These guidelines are used in respect of general commercial documentation.  Technical documents, computer manuals, etc. may attract a slightly higher pricing structure. To obtain a more precise quote please contact Inscribe.

General Notes:

Rush or Express/Weekend Charge: +50% 

Minimum Charge: S.Fr. 60.00

You may reach Inscribe at: