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German - English Translation Service

We translate your German language documents into English.  Your requirement is for clarity and accuracy preserving the style and tone of the original.  Our translation will respond to these needs.

The service includes translation of business and promotional literature, tourist pamphlets, press releases, Web Script, etc. into Standard English.  Seriously complex scientific or technical documents may require the attention of a specialist, at an additional charge to be agreed. Our staff all are native English speakers and all hold degrees from British Universities.  Native German speakers consult with Inscribe.

Turn around depends on the document and your requirements but can usually be achieved in 8 days.  There is a rush or express service available at an additional charge of an extra 50%


Price Guidelines - Translations:

A line is calculated in accordance with your Word Processor’s “Word Count” function.  The given number of words in the document is divided by 11 – the average number of words per line – to give a fair average number of lines, rather than the number of lines given by the Word function (which includes part lines in the calculation). Spaces between characters are not counted.


A.  Direct Translation German to English:  S.Fr. 2.50 - 4.50

                                                                                                             per line. 


The translation is in good English with only necessary changes in word order.


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