Swystem Logic Services:

 Automation and Process Control

    a. Evaluation of Conventional Tannery Systems - suitability to upgrade

    b. Project Design for installing 'Distributed PLC-Control'

    c. Layout Design for Optimal Production Flow and ISO9000 Quality Assurance

    d. Comparative evaluation of Equipment

    e. Production flow-control: use of networked software, 'marquees'

    f. SCADA software for use with existing control hardware, actuators, sensors and PLC/Server systems.

As 'Moores Law' predicted, the cost of installing modern computerised systems has fallen dramatically. At the same time, the  functionality of these systems, their power to turn the manufacturer's operation around, has increased beyond expectation. At the forefront is the power of the SCADA software, and its instant integration with the Corporate Enterprise Resources and Planning system.

If you have a need to evaluate the need to implement modern Process Control, please eMail:

 click: John C. Crowther - Swystem Logic GmbH


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