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 Hide Marking for Individual/Date/Batch ID. for Quality Tracking

The concepts and functional specification of this system are the original development of Joe Gibson in Australia, with engineering and manufacture by Richard Bass of Brisbane, Australia. The importance of being able to give every hide its unique ID was highlighted in a recent project in USA, which aimed to trace the quality of a piece of leather back, via tannery processing to the farm: where the animal was raised (influences of animal care), and including the selection of dam and sire (the animal's breed and genetics).

In the context of a hide brining operation, the individual hide markings would indicate the source (abbatoir), the time of day when the hide entered the raceway, the date, category of hide and other important attributes to help pinpoint the origin of defects found at later stages of processing.

The machine readable stamp survives fleshing and splitting, as well as other tannery processes. It is also evident on the flesh split, though the readability is less pronounced.

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