Swystem Logic Services:

Chemical Technology of Leather Manufacture

    a. Chemical processes for high efficiency, controlled costs, Quality Consistency

    b. Reduced water consumption, reduced effluent output

    c. Low-polluting rapid hair-removal;  beamhouse processes

    d. Tanning with vegetable, syntan and mineral tannin system

    e. Processes designed for Cangilone Drums: i.   Liming - Tanning

                                                                     ii.  Retanning -Dyeing

    g. Design of aesthetic leathers for high value / low production cost

    h. Dyeing, Colour Matching and Computer Colour Match Prediction

    i. Softness of leather - chemical and physical treatments

    k. Selecting & combining of finishing chemicals for aesthetics, physical properties and durability

If you have a need to further develop your Chemical Technology, please eMail:

 click: John C. Crowther - Swystem Logic GmbH


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