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Systems for Quality Control & Laboratory Testing of Leather

    a. Rapid determination of Mineral Tannage in Leather by X-ray Fluorescence

The use of X-ray Fluorescence ensures that essential analyses are performed quickly and accurately, yet avoids the cumbersome conventional 'wet-chemistry which entails the use of dangerous oxidants and acids, by specially trained staff. 

    b. On-line monitoring of chrome-tannin exhaustion

On-line measurements, when combined with the automatic control of process vessels, weigh-stations and other monitoring devices and actuators, can ensure that a process is not unnecessarily prolonged, nor foreshortened before adequate chemical uptake has occurred.

    c. Handy colour measurement with portable remission spectrophotometer

The low-cost portable remission spectrophotometer removes the subjective assessment of colour from the discussion between supplier and end-user. Any colour is specified by its 'Absorbtion' or 'Remission' Curve which indicates the colour's position in CIE colour space. Influences of different light sources - tungsten, fluorescent or natural daylight - known as 'metamerism' can be automatically taken into account, and the colour mutation quantified.

The above recommended systems have been developed by Amtec, and proved in practice by leading Technical Institutes and Manufacturing Industry in many countries. (see Link on 'Partners' page).

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