RECIPE FORM - with Command Line buttons

If the following illustration is partly covered while the Demo is downloading, please drag the Frame "scroll-bar" to right, →     →     →  to see the entire Recipe Window illustration.

After the Demo has loaded, and the Visualization Screen has displayed, to see the Process Recipe please click on the right hand 'Command Line' button marked "Recipe". This is the actual process running at this time.

    Note: the yellow line indicates the action being performed at this present time.


1. Key steps are scheduled at the fixed times specified in the Recipe.

2. Parallel (//-el) steps take place concurrent with the corresponding Key Step.

3. The indicated '//-el Step' takes place concurrent with other steps with the same '//-el Step' number.

4. Consecutive step numbers take place after the previous step has completed.

5. Recipe Entries in bold / dark-blue text may be changed by the authorized Technician. If you would like to change the Process Recipe, please eMail us for your password.

Please note: if you wish to adjust the process running in the viewed Recipe, the above dark blue bold text (values of amounts of chemicals, run times and pH accepted) may be modified. However, just as in regular production, only an authorized technician is allowed to make these changes, so we ask you to eMail us for your password. This functionality of the Demo performs exactly as it would if an authorized and responsible Technician sees the need for a process adjustment, while he is off-site, e.g. at a Head Office Meeting.       


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