Please scroll down and read the following notes, while  the Demo is downloading. Thank you.


1. P&ID Diagram


    A. Side Elevation

    B. Plan-View

    C. End of Work-Platform View

3. Starting the Demo: The Overview Window

4. The Visualisation Screen

5. Colour Codes

6. Settings Window

7. Recipe Form with Command Line Buttons

8. To toggle between the Demo and the Swystem Logic Web Pages



Begins with 'P&ID'  (Piping & Instrumentation) Diagram - see below

All Equipment and Devices with Sensors, Motors and Actuators are shown.

The P&ID Diagram is the result of Collaboration between the Leather Technologists, Production Management, Tannery Engineers and Systems Integrators. It specifies the functionality of the Automation, and the Sensors and Equipment to be installed.

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Having decided on the functions, and the equipment required, a consensus must be arrived at, concerning the physical layout. This involved many Technical Meetings between Leather Technologists, Architects, Engineers and Systems Integrators.

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Starting the Demo:

While the Visualization loads, you will see a white "Frame" on the right open up, with the indicators showing the progress of the download. During the download, you will be able to continue reading the explanations below. If you wish to refer back to these notes, while working with the Demo, you may 'toggle' between the Demo and these explanatory notes (see below)

 When the download is complete this 'Overview Window' (below) is displayed. The  Demo is 'live' you see the drums turning. Please proceed to the Demo,  and 'Click' on Drum 1. as requested.

This 'Overview' is the same initial screen which an authorized Technician / Manager sees, when he logs in from a remote location to check the status of the production, the processes and/or the equipment.

Click on Drum 1. to Start the Demo.

When the full-screen Visualization Screen  has loaded, please click on the Command Line Buttons; please observe the on-screen interactions to use & get a 'feel' for the SCADA functionality.

VISUALIZATION SCREEN - (on-line active mimic-diagram)


At bottom left of the Visualization Screen, you can select the Direction of Drum Rotation:

D1 - Forwards / Clockwise

D2 - Backwards / Anticlockwise

Alternating D1 & D2 - with intermediate pause between D1 and D2.

(The duration of the intermediate pause may be set in the 'Settings Window' - see below.)

You may also see Attribute vs. Time Profiles (Graphs) of:

- pH

- Temperature

- Weight in drum

- Weight in Weigh Station

so that customary trends of production process (or deviations) may be quickly seen.


This is exactly how the SCADA Distributed Control will work, when installed in your tannery.


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2. Colour Codes:

Cold Water    
Hot Water      
Rinse Water  
Error: urgent  non-conformance needs correction to the specified condition.
    Manual intervention now required.
System on Auto: all equipment & process conditions conform to specified conditions.
    Blue: equipment inactive, stopped.

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3. Settings Window

If the following illustration is partly covered while the Demo is downloading, please drag the Frame "scroll-bar" to right, →     →     →  to see the entire Settings Window illustration.


Please feel free to interact with the SCADA, and make the following adjustments:

A. Language - choose your language (others are available, including Asiatic scripts, but the Demo Version is restricted to English and German).

B. Drum Motor - modify the drum rotation speed, and the 'Pause' interval time. (The max. runtime has been shortened for your convenience, due to the needs of the on-line Demo.)

C. Purge - You may re-set the time duration while the chemical distribution pipes are flushed out with city-water, and then emptied by compressed-air blast. This is to ensure complete avoidance of cross contamination.

D. Miscellaneous -

    a. The Weigh Station and Prep-tank have adjustable time of stirring; this may be adjusted between 10 seconds and 120 seconds.

    b. For continuous intermittent stirring, please set the Prep.-tank motor 'cut-off time' to your desired value.

    c. The duration of steam injection you specify may be adjusted (of course, it is also switched on/off by feedback from the monitored temperature sensor.

    d. You can inform the system which 'Cold Water' temperature is expected in your region.


E. Recipe - For your convenience in viewing the on-line Demo, the following selectable functions have been fixed on 'Automatic':

    - Continuous Loop Demo (recommences a production batch, after previous production has ended.)

    - Manual Add (of chemical into Weigh Station) including 'Tolerance Check' by Operator.

    - Confirmation of Alarm Status

The above are carried out on-screen for your information only, with you viewing the actions of the Operator/Technician on-site at the tannery.

Your direct interaction is not required.


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 4. Recipe Form with Command Line Buttons

   If the following illustration is partly covered while the Demo is downloading, please drag the Frame "scroll-bar" to right, →     →     →  to see the entire Recipe Window illustration.

    After the Demo has loaded, and the Visualization Screen has displayed, to see the Process Recipe please click on the right hand 'Command Line' button marked "Recipe". This is the actual process running at this time.

    Note: the yellow line indicates the action being performed at this present time.


1. Key steps are scheduled at the fixed times specified in the Recipe.

2. Parallel (//-el) steps take place concurrent with the corresponding Key Step.

3. The indicated '//-el Step' takes place concurrent with other steps with the same '//-el Step' number.

4. Consecutive step numbers take place after the previous step has completed.

5. Recipe Entries in bold/dark-blue text may be changed by the authorized Technician. If you would like to change the Process Recipe, please eMail us for your password.

Please note: if you wish to adjust the process running in the viewed Recipe, the above dark blue bold text (values of amounts of chemicals, run times and pH accepted) may be modified. However, just as in regular production, only an authorized technician is allowed to make these changes, so we ask you to eMail us for your password.      

While the Visualization loads, you will see the white "Frame" on the right open up, with the indicators showing the progress of the download.

Please wait until the 4 "Overview" Drums are displayed and are shown actively turning. If you have a slow 'Dial-up' Internet connection, you may continue to read these notes while downloading the Demo.


Note: To toggle between the Demo and previously viewed pages:

        A. Please minimize the Demo (you are then back at this web-page)

            At top right of the Reliance Visualization Screen:


        B. To return to the Demo, at the bottom of your screen, please click the Reliance 'glyph'.

[If you are running Windows XP - please make sure "Windows Display" Properties are set to

"Windows Classic Style" not Windows XP Style. This is for purposes of this on-line Demo only.]


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