If the following illustration is partly covered while the Demo is downloading, please drag the Frame "scroll-bar" to right, →     →     →  to see the entire Settings Window illustration.


Please feel free to interact with the SCADA, and make the following adjustments:

A. Language - choose your language (others are available, including Asiatic scripts, but the Demo Version is restricted to English and German).

B. Drum Motor - modify the drum rotation speed, and the 'Pause' interval time. (The max. runtime has been shortened for your convenience, due to the needs of the on-line Demo.)

C. Purge - You may re-set the time duration while the chemical distribution pipes are flushed out with city-water, and then emptied by compressed-air blast. This is to ensure complete avoidance of cross contamination.

D. Miscellaneous -

    a. The Weigh Station and Prep-tank have adjustable time of stirring; this may be adjusted between 10 seconds and 120 seconds.

    b. For continuous intermittent stirring, please set the Prep.-tank motor 'cut-off time' to your desired value.

    c. The duration of steam injection you specify may be adjusted (of course, it is also switched on/off by feedback from the monitored temperature sensor.

    d. You can inform the system which 'Cold Water' temperature is expected in your region.


E. Recipe - For your convenience in viewing the on-line Demo, the following selectable functions have been fixed,   set on 'Automatic':

    - Continuous Loop Demo ( automatically re-starts a production batch, after previous production has ended.)

    - Manual Add (of chemical into Weigh Station) including 'Tolerance Check' by Operator.

    - Confirmation of Alarm Status

The actions of the Operator/Technician on-site at the tannery are shown on-screen - for your information.

Your direct interaction is not required. By prior appointment (please eMail), access may be given to you to test these features.


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