Swystem Logic Services:




Because of our background in the Chemical Industry, and Chemical Applications / Chemical Consuming Industries (e.g. Leather Tanning), we can help you find the practical means to establishing Control in your manufacturing process:

Whether using your own time and resources, or by 'out-sourcing', all industries have to source the following:

a. raw materials

b. equipment

c. manpower (people with skills and experience)

d. services (know-how, consultants)

We invite you to contact us with your technical needs and for your requirements of the following:



1. Detergents & Emulsifiers

2. Aromatic sulfonates - condensed, water soluble

3. Inorganic chemicals, chrome/aluminium/zirconium sulfates and derivatives with organic complexes.

4. Oils and oil-emulsions: mineral, chlorinated, natural of marine, plant or mammal origin - sulfonated or sulfited.

5. Natural & Synthetic Polyphenols, water soluble

6. Dyes for all substrates: protein, cellulosic, polyamide, polyester, polyacrylate

7. Pigments and Master Batch: for colouring films and mass dyeing of plastics

8. Resin polymers: film-formers for surface coatings

9. Commodity raw materials for chemical processing: heavy chemicals, intermediates, fibres, hides & skins



1. Electrical Motors - standard & explosion-proof

2. Hydraulic power assemblies

3. Conveyor-belt systems (automated)

4. Pneumatic transport systems ("cannons")

5. Test Equipment using X-ray Fluorescence for Quality Evaluation of matrices, films, metal-ion concentration.

6. Spectrophotometers for spot check or continuous colour evaluation of films, surfaces and mass materials

7. Sensors for industrial applications: limit (proximity) switches, photo-electric, level gauges (floats & magnetic), ultra-sound and temperature sensors, timers, pH systems (manual & automatic - self-cleaning & self-buffering)

8. Pipelines, pumps, holding-tanks, valves for liquids and gasses (manual and actuated)

9. Magneto-inductive flow-meters - calibrated as volume meters

10. PLC (industrial controllers); Industrial Marquees (LED Matrix displays); HMI Touch-Screen Displays; Control Panels (built to order)

11. Castings in ferrous and non-ferrous metals/alloys; Machined castings for gears and other applications.

12. Automation systems - complete: distributed, networked PLC-SCADA with Visualization & remote control

Your hiring needs are confidentially researched, and contacts established to the skills you need. Please note: this is not a 'poaching' service! Only people who previously indicate their job-search intentions are contacted.



1. Legal - expert witness to investigate technical basis in favour of claim or counter-claim, and present evidence

2. Consultants - for recommendations of industrial resources, process water and effluent treatment & disposal, Quality Assurance, Production Flow Control, Productivity, Technical Audits,

3. Systems Integrators - to perform entire industrial upgrade service: from Technical Audit, Feasibility Study, Project Planning, Sourcing, Competitive Pricing Study, PLC and SCADA Programming, Hardware infrastructure installation and installation of the Automation System, Testing, Start-up and Post-installation Monitoring, Fine-tuning and Maintenance Service.


eMail: John C. Crowther - Swystem Logic GmbH (swystem@bluewin.ch)