Starting  & Using the Demo:

We recommend you familiarize yourself with the conventions used in the Demo, before proceeding to the Download. When you are fully acquainted with the features of the Demo, please proceed to the Demo Index to the right of the PLC-SCADA Installation animation, and Click on  Link Load SCADA Demo. (also available under the Visualization Index, Point 8.)


While the Visualization loads, you will see the white "Frame" on the right open up, with the indicators showing the progress of the download. During the download, you will be able to continue reading the explanations below. If you wish to refer back to the pages viewed previously, while working with the Demo, you may 'toggle' between the Demo and these explanatory pages. (see below)

When the download is complete, the 'Overview Window' is displayed.

The  Demo is 'live' you see the 4 drums turning, and the Equipment Status 'Traffic Lights' active.

Please proceed to the Demo,  and 'Click' on Drum 1. as requested.

To toggle between the Demo and previously viewed pages:

        A. Please minimize the Demo (you are then back at this web-page)

            At top right of the Reliance Visualization Screen:


       B. To return to the Demo, at the bottom of your screen, please click the Reliance 'glyph':

[If you are running Windows XP - please make sure "Windows Display" Properties are set to

"Windows Classic Style" not Windows XP Style. This is for purposes of this on-line Demo only.

For best viewing, make sure the Screen Resolution in Display Properties/Settings is set to 1024 x 768 pixels.]


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