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Technical Audits - Review of Efficiency of Operations

    a. Cost of resources actually consumed in production:

        cost of chemicals, time, water, energy, labour, and pollution treatment


    b. Theoretical cost of resources according to the amount of leather manufactured, according to the quantity of resources specified in the process Recipe. In many cases, this has been found to be much less than actually consumed (up to 30% lower than the actual consumption in practice).

    c. Wastage - potential for Cost Saving & Effluent Reduction. Wastage of resources occurs due to human, operator error - often through no fault of the people concerned. The manufacturing environment is often so hectic, that unfair demands are made on staff. Small drips and spillages between scoop and weigh platform, residues in chemical drums, and over-weights of chemicals - the "bit extra to be sure" may be given with the best of intentions, but contribute to extra costs and to quality inconsistency. But wastage goes further than processing waste, materials handling waste and the waste entailed in reprocessing faulty batches. It continues at the sorting and trimming tables, where good quality product is downgraded to lower-value selection because of avoidable defects, and/or significant areas of material trimmed away as scrap, as an attempt to minimise this downgrading.

    Often the reasons for wastage are due to the actual process conditions, and the design of processes. If the process inherently does not make full use (complete uptake) of the chemicals applied, there are two consequences: firstly, much more chemical has to be applied than should be necessary; secondly, the portion of the chemical not taken up by the substrate enters the effluent stream.

Swystem Logic GmbH offers industry on-site service to work alongside the manufacturer's production staff, to discover the extent of these losses, and to 'plug the leaks'.

If you have a need to evaluate Production Efficiency, please eMail:

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