Demo Screen #2. VISUALIZATION SCREEN - (on-line active mimic-diagram)

When the full-screen Visualization Screen  has loaded, please click on the Command Line Buttons; please observe the on-screen interactions to use & get a 'feel' for the SCADA functionality.


At bottom left of the Visualization Screen, you can select the Direction of Drum Rotation:

D1 - Forwards / Clockwise
D2 - Backwards / Anticlockwise
Alternating D1 & D2 - with intermediate pause between D1 and D2.

(The duration of the intermediate pause may be set in the 'Settings Window'     )



You may also access Attribute vs. Time Profiles of:

- pH

- Temperature

- Weight in drum

- Weight in Weigh Station

so that the trends of production process (or deviations) may be quickly checked.



Chemicals and water can be seen flowing in the pipe-lines, and activity in the weigh-station observed. This is taking place in strict conformance with the Recipe.

At bottom right of the screen are shown:

- Step # being carried

- Duration of that Step

- Time remaining

Recipe details can be seen by clicking on the <Recipe> Button in the Command Line:

- Completed steps (process history), and actual process conditions

- Current Step (Yellow Line)

- Future Steps yet to be completed.

This functionality is exactly how the SCADA Distributed Control will work, when installed in your tannery.


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